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Feature Codes

Below are the “*” codes commonly used from your keypad when using your phone via our PBX

*1 Call Transfer Call Transfer Transfer a call to another extension
*2 Record Active Call
*4 Attended Call Transfer Attended call transfer to another extension. After extension
number press #
*411 Directory *DIR to dial by name.
*3472 DISA *DISA followed by Administrative PIN to receive a dialtone and call out
*67<phone number> Call Privacy Activate call privacy
*69 Call Return Call back the last incoming number
*732 Record *REC followed by Administrative PIN to record a message
*8[ext] Extension Intercom Page a specific extension.
*870 Redial Redial a number
*9171 Talking Date Current Server Date
*9170 Talking Time Current Server Time
*9172 Talking Date & Time Current Server Date & Time
*925 Wakeup Call Schedule a wakeup call
*78 Enable DND Enable Do Not Disturb
*79 Disable DND Disable Do Not Disturb
*9888 FreeSWITCH Conference Connects to Cluecon Weekly
*0[ext] Speed Dial Speed dial an extension
*21 Follow Me Set the Follow Me number
*72 Enable Call Forward Enables Call Forward
*73 Disable Call Forward Disables Call Forward
*74 Call Forward Toggle Call Forward enable/disable


To activate you will need your account PIN. If you do not know your PIN please contact your account manager to receive. After you are listening to the call, you can press 1 to speak privately to the client, 2 if you want to speak privately to your agent or 3 if you want to talk to both client / agent